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This durable hardback presents a sizable collection of perfectly clean kid’s jokes. There are anywhere from 3-6 jokes per page (254 pages total), with simple grayscale background images of kids, cars, roads, and semi-random objects. Types of jests include knock-knock, play on words, and Riddle Puns.

The Road Trip half of the book contains additional activities such as a mazes, a tic-tac-toe boards, Hang-man, and Dots—which may mercifully break up the joke-telling and help stave off monotony for ALL vehicle occupants on a long drive. My 7 and 8 year old have had hours worth of back-and-forth interaction out of this book. (Although, admittedly, they needed about half of the material explained to them before they have any grasp on why it could be considered humorous.)

There’s no table of contents, or any evident organization to the jokes. This would be my only complaint—as there is no way of looking up jokes by topic or going back to relocate one you’d like to read again. Readers will need to make special note of the page numbers they’d like to revisit.

This book is appropriate for elementary aged children—ideally suited for those just learning about humor, and those looking to expand their joke repertoire.
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