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Fly like a bird! Sting like a bee!
(Updated: August 22, 2017)
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After getting involved with Project Chimera in Going Wild, Charlie and her mother and brother Andy are struggling with the kidnapping of her father. Maria and Mac are both having problem controlling when they change into animals, and Maria frequently sprouts a tail. When Charlie finds in formation her father left ten years ago, she and her mother contact Dr. Quinn Sharma and get more information, especially about the evil Dr. Gray who wants the Mark bracelets that let the children turn into different animals. Kelly, who also had a bracelet, claims to have thrown hers away, but is later interviewed by the news for performing an amazing rescue. She blabs the secret of the bracelet, endangering everyone. Charlie and her friends try to find Dr. Gray and take care of him, but are up against the soldiers he is creating. Kelly goes missing, but when she returns decides to join Gray's side. The story definitely is wide open for a sequel.
Good Points
I did really appreciate that Charlie's mother remained with them and helped them through the whole process. That's unusual in middle grade literature, since preteen children must save the world without adult intervention, but this seems more realistic, and is a nice change.

There's lots of action, an evil villain, and the ability to acquire super skills from animals. My students adore this author and will be thrilled to see this. Teachers will appreciate the information about skills and adaptations that animals have, since STEM books are gaining ground.

Readers who enjoy books with clans of animals battling each other (Hunter's Warriors, Iserles' Foxcraft, Hughes' Unnaturals, Sutherland's The Menagerie) will find that Going Wild gives them the opportunity not only to read about the animals but to imagine themselves with the animal powers.
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