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Love the Talking Animals
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Raffa, Kuma, and Garith have escaped Gilden with their animal companions in CAVERN OF SECRETS. Raffa has Echo the Bat and Kuma has Roo the Bear and Twig the Raccoon. These animals were dosed with a concoction in the first book that gave them the ability to talk. Raffa, Kuma, and Garith hope to find a cure to help the animals return to normal.

For now, they must find a way to save the other animals who are still being given the concoction and being forced to do the bidding of the Chancellor. Once they find a safe place for Roo and Twig to hide, the three realize how much they've missed their family. For this reason, the mission is put temporarily on hold, but seeing their family is easier said than done, especially when you're wanted.

I loved that Echo remained with Raffa throughout the whole book. He was by far the cutest and my favorite character. He was very handy when Raffa needed him as well. The idea of talking animals made the book even more entertaining, especially when Echo was involved. I wished there was more of Roo and Twig, but I'm sure they'll com back in the next one.

Final Verdict: I recommend this one to fans of middle grade fiction/fantasy and/or talking animals. I wish the younger me would've had the chance to read it because she loved the idea of talking animals. This one ends on a cliffhanger which has me eager to find out what happens in the third installment.
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