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After the adventures in Benjamin Franklin: A Huge Pain in My A**, Ike is worried about a letter he has gotten from his famous friend from the past... it says "Help!" Of course, now that mail can travel back in time with old postage stamps, Ike has his (now) girlfriend Claire send him back to Franklin. He ends up near the mailbox on Franklin's porch, but the house has been burned down. Immediately noticing that his clothing will make him suspicious, Ike gets himself outfitted with suitable garments and goes in search of Franklin to find out what is wrong. He finds his friend without money, so the two set up a snake oil business to fleece local coal miners out of their money to "cure" their black lung. Once they have a bit of cash, they manage to book passage to France, since Franklin's need for help stems from the increasing problems with the British. On the boat, the two meet Jefferson and Adams, and head off for an audience with Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. Because they'd spent most of the trip inland eating oysters and drinking champagne, they all become violently ill right when they have the audience, and it's up to Ike to save the day. Will his impassioned speech be enough to get the colonists help and save his time from being wildly different?
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This is a goofy take on history that will be popular with fans of Kinney's Wimpy Kid and other irreverent middle grade books which celebrate potty humor and unlikely heroes. Ike is interested to travel back in time but doesn't have too much of a concept of what language and manners he should embrace, so he frequently angers people he meets. He refers to Franklin as B-Freezy, for example, and almost blows the audience with Antoinette before settling down and trying to fit in.

One of the best parts about this is Claire's letters from the "future"; she informs him that things are not going well, but also keeps an eye on any historical anomaly's that crop up. Once Ike returns, there are a few things that are different, which is a bit of an unusual turn for a time travel book.

Fans of Potter's The Left Behinds and Limbaugh's Rush Revere books will want to pick up these two books. For more accurate historical content, they can investigate Gutman's Flashback Four or Qwerty Stevens time travel books.
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