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Having saved a plane from certain disaster in Gum Girl, Gabby Gomez is back. She's bound and determined to tell her dentist father about her exploits, since she is not supposed to be chewing gum, but there is another threat. A mysterious masked man in a chef's hat is plotting to take Gum Girl down! When Gabby is on a class trip to the zoo, the man makes her move. Can Gum Girl, along with her new friend Ravi Rodriguez, save the day? And will she finally be able to come clean to her family?
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Readers who enjoy the antics of Holms' Babymouse or Super Amoeba or Krosoczka's Lunch Ladies will find an exciting new heroine in Gum Girl.

This is a well-formatted graphic novel for early readers. I liked that Gabby felt bad about disobeying her parents, even though she had a good reason to do so. She even has some nice interactions with her younger brother, and is a good role model. Of course, the real reason to like these is the goofy, Captain Underpants kind of humor. Bonus points for the main character being a Latina.

Younger readers will find it fun that Gabby is sneaking a forbidden treat without her parents' permission, but I just have to say...SUGAR FREE GUM. This really takes care of all of the problems.
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