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Warm up the Hot Chocolate!
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Aventurine is a young dragon who is bored with being in the family cave and doesn't want to study the way her brother Jasper does. To prove that she can take care of herself, she ventures out and meets a good prospect for dinner... until her dinner turns out to be a food mage who offers her a cup of delicious smelling hot cocoa that turns her into a human girl! Confused and irritated, she heads off down the mountain to the town of Drachenberg with a kindly couple who advise her. They also want her to become an unpaid servant, so she runs away. She is enthralled with the whole concept of chocolate, so seeks an apprenticeship with the two biggest chocolate houses in town. They laugh and kick her out, but she happens upon a third, lesser known house with the help of Silke, who makes everyone's business her own. She comes at a fortuitous moment. Marina and Horst need an apprentice, but Marina is famously hard on them because they don't feel as passionately about chocolate as she does. Aventurine does. Business isn't good, but with Silke's help, The Chocolate Heart manages to get more customers, only to have them scared off when the king and his daughters visit at the same time that the town council carries out a disastrous inspection. That's just the beginning of the problems. Dragons are seen flying near the town, and the battle mages are convinced they need to kill the dragons with poison. Can Aventurine save the town from the dragons, the dragons from the town, and The Chocolate Heart and Marina from leaving Drachenburg?
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It's easy to forget that Aventurine is a dragon, until she decides to kick the town council's adviser or roars her displeasure in a way quite unbecoming to a young girl. She feels passionately about chocolate and has trouble understanding the concept of friendship, but her reckless pursuit of what she loves most is charming. Together with Silke's busybody ways and Marina's blustery dedication to her art work Aventurine's dedication creates a supportive world where even dragons can't stand in the way of her success.

The traditional old world setting is given a fresh feel by the addition of chocolate. The descriptions of both the chilly Germanic town and the delicious chocolate creations are wonderfully vivid.

It's hard to create a fantasy that feels fresh, but The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart does a great job of introducing amusing new characters and setting them against a backdrop filled with adventure and chocolate! I enjoyed this book tremendously.
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