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Friendship and Life Lessons at its best
(Updated: June 06, 2017)
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This is the first I've read in the CONFIDENTIALLY YOURS SERIES, but it made me want to go read the others. I can already gather that it's a series of friendship and life lessons.

In BROOKE'S BAD LUCK, Brooke and her friends go to a fortune teller to have their future read before they go back to school. Everyone gets a good fortune, except for Brooke. She's told that bad luck will come her way.

As predicted, luck doesn't seem to be in her favor when Brooke returns to school. She starts doing bad in classes, fights with her boyfriend, and other accidents keep occurring, like spilling her lunch on herself. But Brooke finds a way to counteract it by creating a good luck charm, or so she thinks. Before she knows it, she returns to her confident self and begins to rely on the good luck charm.

Final Verdict: BROOKE'S BAD LUCK teaches about the importance of family and friends and that luck shouldn't lead your life. Only you can take control of it. This is a perfect read for ages eight and up.
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