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Connor Reeves has just won a major kick boxing tournament and is on his way home when he tries to save a boy from being mugged. After a fight, the boy disappears and Connor ends up being taken to a police station, where the officers inform him that he passed "the test" and they want to recruit him to be a Guardian. These are bodyguards who are young teens who can go undetected in many situations. Since Connor's father died in the war and both his mother and grandmother are ailing, he takes the group up on their offer of a cover story of a scholarship to a private school and care for his relatives. He's whisked off for training, meets the other Guardians (including Charley, who oversees his unit), and is soon taken to Washington, D.C. on a detail to guard Alicia Mendez, the president's daughter! Alicia has a habit of running off and eluding the secret service, so it's important that Connor befriend her. He does, and manages to save her from an attack. However, book one ends in an uncertain way and must be followed immediately by the next book, Hostage.
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The specifics of body guarding are absolutely exquisite. Mr. Bradford actually trained to become a licensed bodyguard in order to research these books. That is absolutely amazing and adds incredibly vivid details to the story. I loved how Connor's family was packed away in a convincing fashion and he's whisked off for training... and then whisked off yet again. The connection between his father and the president is touching, and his budding relationship with Alicia charming. Even the private school and Alicia's friends add a realistic dimension. I really cannot say how much I adored this entire series.

No one writes spy type thrillers like the British. Give this to fans of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider series, David Gilman, Andy McNab and Robert Muchamore.
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