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I could not be more obsessed with this book! I mean, just take a look at that cover and tell me you don't instantly want it to be yours? Penguins Love Colors is a colorful (not pun intended), engaging, and adorable read that will definitely become a re-read in the homes of those who own it.

Every time I bring books to the children I sit for, they tend to gravitate towards the ones with the most colorful or interesting cover. As soon as I brought this one to the biggest group of kids I care for, they are agreed to read this one first! They couldn't resist the big-eyed penguins and their colorful hats in front of a big rainbow!

What was interesting, and what I noticed right away was that this book is introducing you to all the main colors of a rainbow through each of the penguins. I found this to be a creative idea, and very helpful to children because each penguin was different and you could really separate them by personality, name, and color. Each of their names goes with the color of their little hats.

Broccoli, is of course the one in the green hat; Dandelion in yellow, Violet in purple, Tiger Lily in orange, Tulip in red, and Bluebell in blue! Broccoli definitely had a special place in my heart because of how much his name stood apart!

Final thoughts?

This is a great book for introducing colors to children. I really, really loved how creatively this book helped them to really GET the colors. The penguins were very fun, energetic and the way they adored their mother just absolutely warmed my heart! Everything about it was absolutely wonderful, hilarious, and filled with lots of color and joy that will keep you coming back to this book, time after time.
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