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PENGUINS LOVE COLORS is such a bright colorful lovely story about six penguins who want to surprise their mother. They want to use each of the colors they were named after to paint a picture for their mother. I loved how this story uses the colors and how bright and sunny this book was.

PENGUINS LOVE COLORS is a cute story about six penguins who want to surprise their mother with a very colorful painting, each using the color they were named after. The pages in this book are filled to the brim with color. Each page more amazing than the next.

What I loved about this book was how they label what color they are using in big bright font. Perfect for kids who are just starting to learn their colors or who want to practice the colors they already know. This book gives kids simple colors in a fun and silly story in a way that will teach them colors without overwhelming them. PENGUINS LOVE COLORS is bright, bold, and beautiful and kids will love these adorable little penguins.
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