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Young fans of Percy Jackson will love Argos
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I have always been a fan of Greek Mythology, especially retellings like Argos. Telling the story of Odysseus through the eyes of his dog is such a brilliant way to introduce children to the stories and myths that have had such a profound impact on literature.
Hardy manages to keep to the traditional story of Homer’s Odyssey while bringing a fresh perspective to the retelling, presenting the much loved tale in a way that will appeal to children and adults alike.
I particularly enjoyed the distinctly canine personality Hardy brought to Argos’ character. From the first chapter, On the stupidity of sheep, it is clear that the story of Odysseus is in good hands.
Readers will enjoy the way both sides of the tale are told from Argos’ point of view. He witnesses the happenings on Ithaka as Penelope meets the suitors and he watches over her young son, Telelemachos as he grows up without his father. But the truly unique aspect of this story happens when the visiting animals bring their reports to Argos and we get to see Odysseus’ struggle to return home to his beloved Ithaka after his long absence.
In a world where it is sometimes difficult to get young minds interested in history and literature, books like Argos are vital methods of teaching through the power of story. I would recommend this to any young readers who have enjoyed books like the Percy Jackson series and are eager to learn more about the mythology of the Greeks. I would also recommend this book as classroom reading for elementary schools.
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