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Karl and Hazel are polar bears, and they are definitely not friends. In fact, they annoy each other. Karl thinks Hazel is mean because she’s quiet and keeps to herself, and Hazel thinks Karl is too loud and smelly. Then they’re stuck on an ice floe together with no one else in sight.

Karl and Hazel spend time trying to keep to themselves, but soon they realize that life is better in their little space if they talk, play games, and cooperate. Soon they are friends.

ADRIFT: AN ODD COUPLE OF POLAR BEARS is a fun and funny story of acceptance. It celebrates the differences between people (or rather, polar bears), and it shows that what can annoy you one moment can quickly become something you enjoy when circumstances change.

The illustrations in ADRIFT are basic, but full of life. Despite the simple drawings, children will be able to read the expressions on Karl and Hazel’s faces, and each page has something on which to linger. The narrative, too, is simple, but that helps the story move and it ensures a parent’s willingness to read the book as many times as it’s requested!

Olien closes the book with information on polar bears, their habitat, and what people can do to be supportive of both.

ADRIFT is a great book that will engage toddlers and young elementary as well as adults. I definitely recommend it.
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Simple but engaging illustrations

Easy-to-read but fun text
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