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TOUCH AND FEEL DINOS has already been read several times to my nephew. He absolutely loves touching the bumpy scales on the tyrannosaurus rex, or the velvety neck of the amargasaurus. He loves it every time I read it to him. This book is perfect for kids who get easily distracted the shiny, fuzzy, or scaley dinosaurs give kids a way to interact with the book as you read.

One of the things I love about this book is that underneath the name of each Dinosaur was the way to pronounce it correctly. I loved that they added that little bit making it easier to read each name and letting kids learn as they read. It’s a great idea.

Overall this book was a huge hit with my nephew. He loves making roaring sounds for each dinosaur as well as being able to feel what the dinosaurs feel like. I would recommend this book to parents who have very active children. Or children who like to be apart of the reading process.
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