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Side Characters Get Their Day
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This LEGO/DC collaborative is a quick read with an introductory comicbook feel and a kid-friendly execution.

Usually it’s the headline heroes who steal the spotlight… but in this story, someone’s stolen them! That leaves the sidekicks (Robin, Batgirl, and Supergirl) to battle it out against Harley Quinn’s force of secondary badguys. Robin might be too young to fly the batcopter, but he knows how to assemble his allies.

All in all, this was a fun and engaging little booklet—which my 6 and 7-year-old took turns reading with enthusiasm. My only complaint would be that readers aren’t given any sort of explanation as to how Harley was able to subdue Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. (A question my 7-year-old son did think to ask.)
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