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Dragons are ALWAYS a problem.
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The chief of the Micekings is bound and determined to make Geronimo a "true macho mouseking" and enlists the aid of Max Musclepaw, who has an inordinate number of Miceking helmets to his credit. They decide to sail with Olaf and go off on an adventure to take care of some dragons who are causing problems. The group (which includes the regular gang, including cousin Trap) jumps off cliffs, rides wild horses, and smashes lots of things while eating lots of stinky cheese. Of course, Geronimo saves the day, which gives him a chance to impress his crush, Thora.
Good Points
The Miceking series usually has one major adventure that Geronimo must undertake in order to impress his crush. Along the way, there are lots of misguided adventures that usually end with several of the crew getting into trouble and needing to be saved. There is a lot more food mentioned in this series, usually progressively grosser, like pots of gloog.

I think the real appeal of this series is the array of creatures who chase our main characters around. Geronimo always comes close to earning his mouseking helmet-- this time, he loses out because he falls asleep and misses the ceremony, even though he earned the honor.

Have readers who adore the Redwall cartoon series? This is the book for them!
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