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How Atlantis Perished
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After Atlantis Rising and Atlantis in Peril, we find the denizens of the various worlds once again thrown into turmoil. Narkazan has been defeated, but has been held at bay by the Veil, which has recently been destroyed. Promi and his sister Jalady decide that they must retrieve the Starstone in order to keep it safe. It is currently being held by Atlanta, Promi's love. Newlyweds Shangri and Lorno, also fearing for Atlantis' future, contact Promi when Mistwraiths and other creatures threaten their home. They are joined by Graybeard, an entertainer who might prove to be useful... or deadly. When Narkazan and his monsters are on the loose, the Universal Bridge collapses, making it difficult for Promi to venture from the spirit realms to help out when Atlanta is injured. In the end, Promi must make a difficult choice. Can he save those he loves, Atlantis, or the world? If he can't save them all, how will he make the choice?
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Barron's rich world building evokes classic high fantasy novels such as LeGuin's Earthsea Cycle or Anne Mccaffrey's The Dragonriders of Pern. Both Atlantis and the spirit world are lovingly described, and in between the fights with monsters there are plenty of leisure.y, Hobbit-esque moments with mint tea and honey and cozy hearthsides.

There is never much doubt that Markazan and his minions must perish, or that Atlantis will come to an end, but keeping the fates of the characters up in the air adds a great deal of suspense. Promi and Atlanta's fragile romance is at risk, and Shangri and Lorno must decide how they are going to go forward.

Some unexpected demises occur amidst the heated battles, but in the tradition of Tolkien and Lewis, there is plenty of action to keep the reader moving forward. This three book set is fine alone, or read in conjunction with Barron's other fine work.The covers are appealing, and I can see the set being a great gift for a voracious middle grade fantasy reader.
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