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Who Would Win?
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The sarcasm is strong with this one.

This format will likely hold the most appeal for young video game fans. The character verses character concept is straightforward—presenting readers with a paragraph worth of whimsical and sometimes pun-laden bio info about each character, along with a 1-10 Stat listing. Stats include: Intelligence, Strength, Agility, Damage, Control, Courage… and one comical stat tailored to the individual character. (Ex. Greedo’s is “Uselessness,” And the Storm Trooper’s is “Bad Marksmanship.”)

Note: The last 12 pages worth of “Showdowns” is actually dedicated to theoretically pitting various vehicles against each other.

The method by which they ultimately decide which character or vehicle would “win” is unabashedly nebulous, but I admit to having a lot of interactive fun with helping my kids (ages 6 and 7) compare stats and weigh comparative information. It also sparked discussions over which characters appeared in which movies, and what belonged in the extended universe lore. So while there’s no real emphasis on story, it encourages the recall of stories they already know, as well as critical thinking.

All in all, a bit of fun, cheeky speculation brought to you by LEGO and the Star Wars Universe.
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