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An incredibly sweet story, in more ways than one! Alicia loves to bake, and since her family runs a bakery it's a perfect way to test out her favorite recipes for cake pops. Or is it? Ali's dad is has a very traditional outlook, and since Ali's mother passed away he is strictly against change. Can Ali convince him to try something new that just might save the bakery from going out of business? Meanwhile, Ali is balancing the drama of her first crush with changing friendships at school.

I was surprised by the fantastic realism this book had to offer. While it was fluffy and cute, there was a seriousness and depth that I didn't expect. Ali's family is still struggling without her mother around to help them through hard times, and those hard times just might shut down the bakery, which is the family's livelihood.

The drama that Ali encounters at school centers around boys who are unfortunately poorly developed characters, and an unrealistic frenemy named Sarah. I found the lack of depth in most of the side characters to be disappointing, but the engaging plot, great writing, and catchy baking sequences more than make up for that lack.

CAKE POP CRUSH is a delightful and sweet story that will no doubt be enjoyed by many girls, and will definitely spark an interest in baking! Highly recommended for middle schoolers, or older readers who want something fluffy and light.
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