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Kids Fiction 1253
Pretty Fly for a Fly Guy
(Updated: July 14, 2016)
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In Eida de la Vega's Spanish translation of Tedd Arnold's, THERE'S A FLY GUY IN MY SOUP #12, all the humor remains. The Fly Guy series is about a boy who has a pet fly. The fly can say the boy's nickname, Buzz. In this adventure, Fly Guy is searching for food. The family has gone on a road trip and Buzz's parents forbid Fly Guy from coming along. Fly Guy finds himself searching for food in the garbage, puddles, and even something gross and sticky. Still, there is nothing for him that's appealing.

Then, he smells something incredible. Fly Guy goes into the restaurant. He decides to take a bad, because it is a restaurant, after all. The bowl of soup is the perfect bath for him until the soup is served to a woman. What follows is a riotous sequence of events that leaves everyone just as dirty of Fly Guy started. Fly Guy, knowing how to handle a situation, rallies everyone together.

This Spanish translation can also serve as a perfect companion to the English text, especially parents who want to encourage early bilingual studies. HOMBRE MOSCA #12 is perfect for early readers who want a good laugh, and a charming Fly friend.
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