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Have you ever waited FOREVER for a birthday?
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Rory Swenson has been keeping a list of things she'll be allowed to do once she turns twelve, and although she's sure her parents have forgotten a lot of the things they've promised over the years, she has the documentation to prove that they agreed to a variety of things.

Rory is a wonderful character and her big dreams may seem small to some, but when you’ve been waiting FOREVER for a cell phone, a pet, and to be left alone in the house (just to name a few of her wishes), they seem like the key to happiness. Rory plunges into achieving those dreams with reckless abandon that leaves her a bit batter, bruised, and hopped up on caffeine—all while being paid to be an extra in the teen movie being filmed at her school. Along the way, Rory helps others achieve their dreams too, and she does it with such subtlety that there’s a great lesson for readers within the pages of the book without feeling hit over the head with it.

Rory’s parents offer a fine balance between strict and understanding, and her three-year-old brother, Sawyer, offers some excellent comic moments through the course of the book.

Mass’s book reminds me a bit of Judy Blume’s offerings for this age group. Unfortunately there are hints of magical realism that fall flat—especially at the end—and that lowered the number of stars I give it to four.

Read this book to hang out with Rory and her friends. She’s an incredibly likable pre-teen and she handles the many misadventures that come with turning twelve like someone much older—but not in an unrealistic way. The book is completely suitable for its target age range and a refreshingly light read while remaining interesting.

My thanks to the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased review.
Good Points
Details the anticipation of reaching a milestone birthday

A likable pre-teen protagonist
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