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You OTTER Behave, Snippit!
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Agatha Glitterwing is having a Craft Club in the Friendship Forest, so Goldie the cat brings Jess and Lily to visit. The girls have a good time making jewelry, but soon Snippit the crow is causing mischief, throwing nuts and sticks at the crafters. Soon, Snippit casts a spell on poor Chloe the otter, and she begins to join the crow in his mischief. Consulting the reversal spell that they found in Mrs. Taptree's library, Jess and Lily start to find Chloe's favorite things. One of them is a necklace she made, but it has gone missing. Thanks to Mr. Cleverfeather's invention,it is found in a huge pile of shiny objects that Snippit has taken from many members of the community. The girls also manage to find a water lily that Chloe likes to eat, and ask her friend Violet about her secret and favorite place. Everyone is relieved when Snippit's evil spell is reversed.
Good Points
At the end of each of these books, there is a short one page article on facts about the main animal. This is a nice inclusion of some nonfiction information. There is often also a puzzle or activity of some sort.

Snippit is a particularly evil minion of Grizelda's, since he raises thievery to an art form, stealing shiny metal objects from nearly everyone in Friendship Forest. It is good to see the members of the community working together to get the items to the proper owner once the rather scatterbrained owl scientist and inventor, Mr. Cleverfeather, manages to locate all of them. The animals of Friendship Forest all are supportive of one another, so this serves as a good example for young readers.

Since this series currently has about 14 books in it, getting the next book is an easy way to satisfy readers who have already finished the new The Magical Animal Adoption Agency books by Kallie George or the seven book Animalmagic series by Holly Webb. Be prepared to have beading supplies ready so that fans of Agatha Glitterwing can make their own creations to wear!
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