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Wandmaker is an adventure packed book filled with family, friends and magic. After several attempts to get his wand to work Henry writes a letter to Coralis the author of his guidebook, unknowingly setting off a series of events that will change his life forever. Henry comes from two great lines of Wandbarers and he himself has great magic within him. Told in alternate points of views this is a story so brilliantly woven together, you would swear the author has a bit of magic himself.

What I loved:
This novel is told from multiple points of view, and while in some stories this is hard to follow, Ed makes it work really well. We don't get lost or confused. Not to mention getting inside the heads of all the different characters, Henry especially, is something I am huge fan of. While I feel the story focused more on Henry, his budding powers, and his relationships, there was still a good balance for those looking for a bit more action. Henry and Brianna's relationship was among my favorites to see developed. We see them going from normal sibling rivalry to working as a team. The bond between them growing even stronger and is something I will be very excited to see in later books. Coralis Henry's mentor and the author of the guide book, is a crotchety old man who will make you laugh with his bizarre cursing (children appropriate), and his lack of knowledge about the world. His relationship with Henry is something I really enjoyed. His duty to protect the world brought him out of seclusion, but his relationship with Henry and the love they share makes him continue to stay.

What left me wanting more:
The questions left me wanting more. What can Henry do? Just how powerful is he? I would like to see what Brianna can do as well. And what are the different levels of Wandbarers?

Final Verdict:
The fast paced movement of the novel, all the while giving us adequate character development, and beautiful family/friend relationships is definitely just part of the reason I would recommend this to young readers who love fantasy, magic and family bonds. This story had a bit of everything from giant squirrels, to a bird who carries a backpack that will make even the non-readers jump on board with this story.
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