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(Updated: May 09, 2016)
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Justice League: VERSUS is a perfect starter set to the world of DC Comics. It takes a number of superheroes that aren't as popular on the big screen and highlights them. Each hero is given a villain to fight. It is a great way to engage the reader and have them interact. Each page includes detailed information of the characters' full name, weight, special powers and abilities, and weapons they could use. Justice League: VERSUS, in a way, allows the reader to decide the fate of the characters. For example, can Red Arrow use his bow and arrow to defeat Poison Ivy's poison kiss? Can the vengeful Hush take down Robin? It is up to you to decide. There is a page in the back with "Expert Picks" which is great for comparing how your battle ending fares against the experts.

There's a great bonus for the reader as well. VERSUS includes a window cling. Perfect for DC Comic's book fans new and old.
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