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Wilderness adventure
Pipsie goes on a nature hike with her school, and each group is given a list of seven things they are supposed to find, including something crawling, flying, and swimming. Armed with notebooks and cameras, the groups take off. Pipsie is partnered with Alfred, her talking turtle, and the other students make fun of her because turtles are slow. Alfred, however, has a scooter and is able to find many things on the list. He's also very hungry, but someone has stolen Pipsie and Alfred's lunch. Can they find all of the scavenger hunt items AND the lunch stealing culprit before Alfred starves?
Good Points
Pipsie and Alfred have a good journey into the woods and find lots of good details about nature. They pick up on lots of nature clues-- they find a bird by listening to it pecking on a tree, find a porcupine quill but state that the animal is nocturnal so can't be the thief, and approach both of their tasks with methodical precision. The drama with the other classmates will make this book interesting even for somewhat older students, and readers who are fans of Dora the Explorer or Judy Moody and Stink will find Pipsie and her outdoor adventure interesting.

The illustrations include a lot of details on every page, and are rendered in a pleasant, pastel chalk fashion. There are "fun facts" listed at the end of the book, with information about various animals, as well as a chart of "Woodland Tracks".
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