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A techno-magical good time!

This 32 page comics and activities book is the perfect cross between an educational magazine and a set of supplemental short stories—all rooted in the NEXO Knights realm. Activities include mazes, puzzles, pattern recognition, match reasoning, and even a creative opportunity for kids to design their very own family crest. The more extensive central story is titled ‘The Power Of Teamwork’, and the theme lives up to it.

The most unique and crowd-pleasing feature of this booklet is the front-page inclusion of “squirebot” pieces—which forms a LEGO character who goes along perfectly with the theme, and gives kids the opportunity to follow base assembly instructions. The quality is exactly what one would expect from LEGO, and my 7-year-old is still in absolute awe of the bonus.

My one minor complaint would be in the design of the booklet’s cover. Once the encased squirebot is removed and the backing cut away as suggested, a rectangular hole is left—producing a sort of window to the first pace. Said window isn’t centered over any particular image, however, and so the placement feels regrettably unintentional (from a purely aesthetic standpoint.)

Ultimately this is a multi-faceted and delightfully engaging product, with strong appeal to kinesthetic learners over the age of 6.
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