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Mowgli and Friends Are Back
(Updated: February 02, 2016)
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A classic story is made new with the help of Laura Driscoll, and Migy Blanco's vivid illustrations.

What worked: It's time for a new generation to become familiar with Mowgli
and his jungle friends. Perhaps one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid,
I loved watching Mowgli try to find where he belonged among the animals
that raised him. Though this isn't Disney's The Jungle Book, the heart
of Rudyard Kipling's story remains the same. A young man-cup adopted by
wolves who loved him for who he is.

In this sweet and straight-forward narrative, the reader can see that
friendships can be made no matter where they come from. Mowgli is protected
by Baloo and Bagheera, along with his wolves brothers. The illustrations
are soft and whimsical. They're a delight to flip through over and over

This retelling of the Jungle Book is going to appeal to old fans and new.
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