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Kids Fiction 1533
McCaffrey for the New Millenium
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Marcus lives with a friend of his father's after his mother's death and his father's disappearance. He has the unfortunate habits of getting in trouble in school and occasionally melting electronic equipment. He also thinks that the horrible storms that happen yearly in his town are somehow connected to his father's absence. Dree lives in Dracone, a medievalish world where she is apprenticed to a blacksmith who makes weapons used in fighting dragons. Dree would rather make mechanical toys, both because she is gifted at doing so, and because she has raised a dragon from a baby and doesn't wish to see them hurt. When the worlds of the two characters collide, Dree helps Marcus survive while the two watch helplessly as drones attack Dree's world. Thinking that the dragons might be able to fight the drones, Dree asks Lourdvang, her dragon friend, for help in contacting the different clans of dragons. This is fraught with peril, since the dragons are outraged at the changes in the relationship between humans and dragons. Since Dree's father was a dragon rider before he was injured, she has a better understanding of dragons than many, and hopes that they will be able to help avert more damage to the poorer sections of town. Marcus finds clues in Dracone that lead him to think his father has perhaps been taken into this new world, and he and Dree try to solve the puzzles to uncover why Dracone is under attack. They get some answers, but there are still questions to be answered in a second book
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King, author of The Vindico series, as well as The Incredible Space Raiders from Space! can pen fantastic scenes of action, and he incorporates both medieval and science fiction elements to good effect. Dree's friendship with Lourdvang, as well as her ability to ride him and not get burned, nicely complements her accomplishments as a blacksmith, and Marcus shows that his skills at video games can be used to save the day. The Dree's willingness to help Marucs without asking too many questions when he plummets from the sky, combined with Marcus' blithe acceptance of a world rife with dragons allows the reader to quickly sink into the fantastic world of Dracone.

There are a few other books that combine technology with mythical creatures: Savage's Fires of Invention or Diana Wynne Jone's Dark Lord of Derkholm make good follow up reads to this world-spanning novel until the next book in this series comes out.

I could have done without Marcus being bullied in his own world. It's such an overdone trope in fantasy literature. Maybe more sports players would read fantasy if they sometimes saw themselves represented on the pages!
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