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Saturday isn't looking so good anymore
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SECRETS OF THE VALHALLA is a fresh take on Norse mythology that's thoroughly engrossing and packed with action and adventure. The story starts with a weatherwoman in danger...but she's not just a weatherwoman. She shares her body with a sleeping goddess named Sunna, who awakens to find that her fellow god Loki is on the loose and is looking for trouble. When Buzz and Mary, two new friends with troubles of their own, find her, it sets off a chain of events that drops the two of them right into a fight that's been going on for centuries. I loved Buzz and Mary's friendship as well as their journey together to find the other guardians needed to bind Loki once more. Their adventure is fraught with danger, not to mention the fact that they keep living through the same Saturday over and over. They take to their new responsibilities admirably, even if at first it seems beyond them.

The Final Verdict:
SECRETS OF VALHALLA is a great adventure story steeped in Norse mythology that will entertain and delight fans of Rick Riordan's series.
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