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Kids Fiction 1304
A Halloween trip through space and time
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What I Loved:
THE HALLOWEEN TREE packs a big punch in only 126 pages. The story takes off right on page one, painting of the picture of a small town and a spirited group of boys who love Halloween.

With sparse but poetic language, Bradbury perfectly captures the feeling of childhood: that carefree, enthusiastic, rowdy, spirit of being young and in costume and surrounded by friends. His imagery is at turns exciting and terrifying, leaving readers unnerved and curious about what turn the tale will take next.

The illustrations are spot-on for this kind of story. They match the mood of the story and add that extra element that makes the story engaging. I loved the color illustrations particularly.

The Final Verdict:
THE HALLOWEEN TREE is the a perfectly creepy story for the spookiest night of the year.
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