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Umm... Percy Jackson? I love you.

Okay, I had to get that out of my system. (Readers, ignore my moment of weakness. I'm going to declare my undying love for this boy.) But seriously, I love you, Percy Jackson. You're the best and the most awesome demigod ever. Annabeth Chase is a lucky girl. Oh, wait, no. You're the lucky one.

Anyway, let's get back to the book. (Sorry, I go very crazy for Percabeth. Those two are...) I have seen many, many books that comply a huge collection of tales to inform the readers of the Greek Gods' origins. From Athena to Zeus, we have heard the tale(s) several times over and over again. But Rick Riordan's book brings together the myths in a way that is funny, age appropriate for younger readers, entertaining, feminist, and LGBTQ friendly. (Yes to all of those!) He somehow gives life.

Percy Jackson, in a very humorous and friendly way, tells how the Greek Gods came to be. He starts with Gaia and ends with one of Zeus' kid. From the beginning to the end. His familiar voice and sass from PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS series comes back to life once again. Rick Riordan's writing is soothing.

The myths in this book and the myths that I read back in a history book are told in different ways. Of course, there is Percy's sass and little interjections (like talking about his girlfriend's shampoo), which makes this book unique and different. Though Riordan chooses to stick to the myths very closely (fortunately and unfortunately) and as accurate as possible, reading this book feels like reading something new.

Overall, PERCY JACKSON'S GREEK GODS is a sweet piece of work that has somehow been published. My goodness, if "Percy" writes another one, I'll read it in a heartbeat.

Rating: Four out of Five

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