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Kids Fiction 2167
It was mildly entertaining with some funny moments that I enjoyed
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This book had some highs and lows, but overall, I liked it. I thought it was cute how the little boy couldn’t fall asleep and all the things he tried. It was pretty funny how he kept calling for his mom and it reminded me of my kids. Even though I could see the humor and all in the story, I think the kids weren’t all that interested in it. They had their moments, but their interest waxed and waned. I appreciated the illustrations and thought they were very detailed, although a lot of darker colors were used, in my opinion, so it wasn’t as eye-catching as other children’s books I’ve read. It’s a pretty quick read and it has its moments so it’s definitely worth a try.

Thoughts from BG1: It was okay. I liked the funny monkeys and some of the stuff the boy did. I don’t know if I’d read it again, but it wasn’t bad.

Thoughts from BG2: Monkeys! Monkeys! Monkeys! I liked the monkeys.
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