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“Because of Winn Dixie” is written by Kate DiCamillo and takes place in a small town called Naomi, Florida, Naomi is a town that has a very small population that Opal and her dad moved to when her dad was going to work in a church. This church is no ordinary church this church is really just a Pick it Quick which is just a small convince shop. Opal is a ordinary little girl who has to put up with her daddy. The only thing that Opal wants is a dog but Opal’s dad would not let her get a dog because he does not want to put up with the neighbors and some of the problems that a dog would cause. I would recommend reading this book because it tells a nice story about a little girl and a dog. I also recommend reading this book because this book is very similar to real life because a girl wants a dog very bad but she does not know the consequences yet. But then one day while Opal’s dad is at work he asks her to go to the Winn Dixie to get some macaroni noodles but while Opal is in the grocery store she sees a dog go running past and go crazy in the store knocking down anything in sight. But then finally the grocery store employ’s catch the dog and Opal says that the dog his hers because of how much she wants a dog. The real reason that you should read this book is because it is realistic and at some parts it makes you think and wonder. Also another reason is like I said before it’s a nice story about a little girl and a dog who love each other and spend a lot of time together. That’s why you should read this book.
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