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Kids Fiction 1865
Magic In The Bakery?
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This book is recommended to 12+ and in my opinion you will enjoy it for all the readers out there who ever like books that are written about fantasy, if we go in more detail it really all about magic and baking.It about how this Bliss family owns a family bakery and it past down to every kid in the present family who wants to become the next owner and/or baker. The special thing about the bakery is that whenever they bake muffins,cookies, or cakes...etc, they use magic that they collect from rain or anything that appeals to the secret formula to create it or the Bliss family has it stored already in a protective room they have in the bakery. But the strange thing is that if you are ever sick the food they baked or it displayed outside and it's a tray that is ready to go it cures your sickness. the reason it does that because magic is contained in the bakery foods.So it start as the Bliss family goes on trip when a thunder storm is happening and they went out here to put magic from the thunder on a specific location . Then after that the next morning they get a visit from the mayor Janice 'The Hammer' of a Humbleton. She has come all the way down to the Bliss Bakery to tell Albert and Purdy to come to her town to cure a summer flu because it going to be a disaster if they don't come to the town to help cure them with their baked foods. Of course Albert and Purdy go because they feel it he nice thing to do.In a couple of hours their Aunt Lily arrives but Rosemary or Ty didn't know she existed. After Lily has arrived she spent a couple of days with Rosemary,Ty, Sage and Leigh before their parents come. Meanwhile she was spending her hours with them she was really getting closer to the recipe book she wanted to steal. Without anybody looking she just took it from it place and ran away without them noticing. But then Rosemary take a look if the magic book recipe is till there and see it not there anywhere, her parent had not arrived yet but she makes a call to them and tells them what has happened. Now their only problem it take to take it back before it becomes more exposed than what it already is.
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