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This book is about a boy named Widge, and he is an orphan, and he has a good personally. I remember form the book he say he was lucky, there are someone who is adopt by a doctor(even the doctor is bad to him),So he have change to learns. Then he gets sold to a man who wants him to steal the play of Hamlet by William (Shakespeare). At first his new master treat him good. But when he go to Lindon, his master send a guy call Falconer to keep him on mission. So Widge has to find a way to get the book without getting caught. And he went to the theatre that Shakespeare were. And he copy the lines that every actor say. And his learning form it. Once he want to join the theatre, and there are people disagree, and after he went in people that disagree treat him badly, (only one guy, that’s same age as him.) And Widge feel bad about himself, because he feel his here to steal. And during that time there are someone that treat him good, but he’s kind refuse him. And there is many friendship in that book, and it have some plot that kind like really happen during that period, like people rob, that’s same age as Widge ( they maybe is orphan too). And yeah this book have a good ending, Widge is stay in the theatre, with his “friends”.
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