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There isn't much cooler than glow-in-the-dark books
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The first thing you need to know about this book is that it has glow in the dark ghost. Yes, that is correct. On almost every page, including the cover. There is not much cooler than a glow in the dark book. This is the perfect choice for reading aloud at Halloween parties and storytimes!

A nameless little girl moves into a new house and discovers that it is...haunted! No worries, she's a witch and she knows just how to handle ghosts! The girl and her cat friend don their witchy garb and get right to work taking care of those pesky haunting ghosts. Turns out the best way to deal with ghosts is to make them useful! Just catch them, put them in the washing machine, hang them out to dry, and turn them into all kids of useful things like curtains, tablecloths, and blankets.

GHOSTS IN THE HOUSE is simply adorable. I absolutely love Kazuno Kohara's two-color cut-paper-style illustrations. They're simple and complex at the same time, in a way that spurs the imagination yet makes the story very easy to follow. The use of language is perfect: just enough words on a page, in an easy-to-read yet fun font. The sentences are easy to find on the page, and the pages themselves are not cluttered. It's great for a kid wanting to read a book themselves, and absolutely amazing for reading aloud.

GHOSTS IN THE HOUSE is highly recommended for everyone looking for a fun and quirky Halloween story!
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