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George and Harold are back! My two boys (ages 9 and 7) are HUGE Captain Underpants fans. So, I was delighted when I received this book for review. Probably not as excited as my boys though.

We got to reading right away. This book is spot on with the rest of the series. With lots of flip-o-ramas and plenty of potty humor, this book will have young children laughing hysterically throughout the entire book.

Things I liked:

-George and Harold are true friends. They would do anything for each other. They are loyal!
-The book is just fun to read
-I liked how George and Harold worked through multiple problems together, as a team. They never just let the other deal with their own problem. True friendship!

What left me wanting more:

Okay, I'm not the person this book was written for. I'm not a pre-teen, so I know the potty humor is going to make me roll my eyes and honestly there were a few times when I was a bit annoyed. But, as I mentioned before, my two young boys (who are who this book was written for) LOVE this series so much. How can I argue with anything that gets them excited about reading?

Overall, a great addition to the series. Lovers of Captain Underpants will love this new book and will not be disappointed.
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