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For every child that wants a dog!
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DREAM DOG is the story of a little boy named Harry who desperately wants a dog. Harry cannot have a dog because dogs make his father sneeze. His father sneezes because he works at a pepper factory and his nose has become very sensitive as a result. And so, Harry's father's over-sensitive, itchy, sneezy, irritable nose is the barrier to Harry having a fluffy, friendly, furry companion.

But Harry has a solution. Harry puts on his "X-35 Infra-Rocket Imagination Helmet (that he made himself) and suddenly - a dog! A real, slobbering, wonderful dog is Harry's new best friend. Despite his father's surprise and the denial of a neighbor named Mathilda Hold, Harry knows that his new dog, Waffles, is quite real. They frolic and run and play and have a great time.

But then - Harry's father is fired from the pepper factory. His nose recovers. And he brings home a really real dog for his son, Harry.

How will Harry carry on with two dogs? Will the new dog, Bumber, be friends with Waffles? You'll have to read the story to find out.

DREAM DOG is a delightful story that will enchant young readers. It is absolutely perfect for reading aloud to kids or at library storytimes. The dialogue, in particular, is very fun to say aloud! David Catrow's illustrations are, as always, imaginative, colorful, and fun. DREAM DOG is highly recommended for kids, librarians, and fans of David Catrow.
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