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Kids Fiction 1471
The adventure continues
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Zack and Gabe have come to enjoy each others' company, and Gabe even helps Zack convince his mom that he should spend 6 weeks at camp. When wildfires in the area where both Camp Seneca and the Summer Center for Gifted Enrichment damage Camp Seneca, all of its campers are put up by SCGE. Gabe is a little leery-- he still thinks Zack is cool and wants to impress him, and worries that this will interfere with his nerdy fun. Zack is also leery, because he really likes his new stepbrother and is uncomfortable when his new camp mates make fun of the nerds. The more sporty Camp Seneca campers overrun the area, are mean to the SCGE kids, and even steal a large amount of element trading cards, so the SCGE kids decide to fight back. They are geeky and proud, encouraged by C2 to "Do the nerdiest things you can, and don't back down... This is our place, and this is our time. Let's use our brains!" (page 190). When Zack hears Gabe saving mean things about him, he's angry and sad, but Gabe is just reacting to some of the things Zack has done. Will the boys, and the two camps, be able to work out their differences?

I really liked Zack and Gabe's relationship, and this was a fairly good camp story. There was a little bit of romance, and after the first book, it was good to see Zack and Gabe together.
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