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When I read the first installment of Sew Zoey, I wondered how different issues related to her blogging would be handled in future books, especially cyberbullying. I was interested to read the fourth book of the series when I realized it handled this very issue.

Zoey is put in some tough situations and I think she goes through the processes that most kids would. And I'm glad that she goes to her father for help, even though it takes a little longer than I would have liked. Cyberbullying of any kind at any age is not okay and I'm glad we get to see how these events play out. The series continues to focus on friendship and what it looks like and feels like in all kinds of situations. This book, more than the others so far deal with deeper issues that can either pull friends together or push them apart.

I'm so glad as a reader and a parent of a young girl that there is a book series out there like Sew Zoey. I'll be keeping this book on my shelf and saving it until my little girl is old enough to enjoy it.
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