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Aristocrat's Ransom: The School for Good and Evil
(Updated: November 24, 2013)
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This fantasy world is so awesome. I won't say too much about it because trying to figure out just where it exists and how all the tales relate to it is so much fun. Instead I will just say that the schools were so fun to read about. The different punishments, facilities, classes and text books were interesting and entertaining and really cool.

Good and Evil

One of the major themes of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL is are the princesses and princes always good, and the witches and unattractive humans always evil? The main characters themselves are evidence of this theme and experiencing things first hand. As a middle grade it's teaching kids good morals and life lessons, I believe.


This story follows Agatha and Sophie as they try to get into the School they believe they belong and/or return home again. Their antics are hilarious at times, and each school's systems and teaching were intriguing. A lot of time is spent on the 'friendship' between the girls which was fun to read, and there was a little bit of what could potentially spawn into romance. Action scenes also appear at the end with some twists about the reason the school exists which took me by surprise.


From what I remember, the writing of this reads like a good story. It's got your typical middle great tone with some awesome descriptions and hilarious scenes. I am also 99% certain there are lines in there that are meant to be taken as innuendos by us older kids. It was great.


Sophie is... well she's a princess. And not a particularly nice one. Not at the beginning anyway. She's selfish and petulant and just argh, I would not associate with her in real life. But alas this is part of her development. She's a pretty horrible person and does some very horrible things just to try and achieve what she believes she deserves. Sophie also had some good features, namely self confidence and conviction. But she just took those things too far.


AGATHA IS MY FAVOURITE. She's antisocial and hates frilly things and dresses and isn't the most attractive person in the world, but she is such a good person on the inside. Basically the complete opposite of Sophie. Agatha cares for her friends and goes out of her way to help others, especially those she's loyal too. She's also funny and smart and level headed, so much better than all those stuffy princesses.


I don't know what to write about the romance. There was shipping on my behalf, and possible relationship developments, and my main ship interacted in just the way I liked and there were some dire moments at the end that made me really scared and now THAT ENDING. I wonder how it will continue... Also, like I said, the friendship is the main focus (though sometimes I wondered if there might have been hints at something deeper than friendship there...) not romance so *shrug*

-Agatha x Tedros
-Sophie x SOME DEPTH
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