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After everything I've heard combined with the creepy cover, I was expecting to at least get some chills. Sadly, that didn't happen.

First of all, I just couldn't really get Zach's reasoning behind not wanting to tell Poppy and Alice about what his father did. I mean, it's something his father did so why did he feel so ashamed? I get that he's at the age where he might not want his best friends to be girls and for anyone to know that he plays make-believe with dolls, but it felt like anytime he talked about it he was only ashamed out of obligation. He still wanted to be friends with Alice and Poppy and continue playing their games so the whole problem just felt a little off.

The backstory behind the doll was sufficiently creepy but not much else worked for me. The doll mysteriously moves around sometimes and (for some seriously strange reason) other people seem to see her as a real person. Maybe I just wanted too much from it.

The Nutshell: I was sadly disappointed with Doll Bones. If you go into it expecting less creep-factor and more coming-of-age you might enjoy it a bit more. In the end, it just wasn't really my cup of tea, though.
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