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It's actually a fairly solid end, all things considered, but there are so many unresolved mysteries that it's unlikely you'll find yourself satisfied upon finishing. To be fair, Snicket warned us from the start that there would be no happy ending.
I like that we, the reader, as well as the Baudelaire's get some closure in the end, but there are still so many things I'm dying to know.
Did they ever get to meet up with the Quagmire's again?
Did Violet marry Quigley?
Did any of the orphans grow up to have kids of their own?
What brought on the schism in VFD in the first place?
Were Olaf's parents evil or something?
If Olaf's parents were evil, why didn't anyone take in Olaf since it seems he was only a kid when they died?
Did Kit and Olaf have a thing or something?
What's up with the question mark submarine thing?
Why is it everyone acts like it's evil when there's absolutely no evidence to suggest that?
What the hell is in that damned sugar bowl?!
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