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4.3 10
Kids Fiction 6221
World Within A World
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A vivid and enchanting bit of Middle-Grade fantasy. The idea of a secret preserve for magical creatures ought to capture the imagination of most who get a hold of this. The imagery and descriptions were decent, and the unfolding intrigue propels you along at a steady pace. (Though, the occasional illustration doesn't hurt anything, in my opinion).

The author puts you in the head of a pretty unremarkable young girl, who's thought processes and maturity felt both believable and age-appropriate. A good degree of action is included, interwoven with subtle lessons in life, reasoning, and consequences -- which I thought made it particularly valuable in regards to the younger minds who may end up absorbing aspects of it.

My primary complaint being I found the younger brother to be relentlessly irritating, not to mention TSTL (Too Stupid To Live). Although, it can at least be said that his actions do consistently result in consequences.
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