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OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!! It's amazing, like crazy amazing! It's so hard to put it down! I need the sequel NOW.

The Scool for Good and Evil is the story of best friends beautiful Sophie and homely Agatha from the village of Gavaldon where every 4 years two children, one fair and kind and the other hideous and mean, are taken by The School Master to become princes, princesses, or villains. While Sophie eagerly awaits beginning her life of Happily Ever After, Agatha just wants to spend time with her friend and leave the fairy tales in books. Sophie gets her wish of being taken to the school unfortunately she gets taken to the evil side to begin lessons in Uglification and curses with fellow Nevers and Agatha going into the Good side.

The world of Good and Evil is so detailed and fantastical. I really felt like I had gone into a world of princess and witches.

I loved Agatha from the beginning, she's very likeable with her slightly snarky attitude and ability to be nice without being a pushover, while my feelings toward Sophie where so back and forth. One moment I hate her and think she's a brat next I felt some sympathy for her and then I hate her again. In the end I don't love or hate her. She's simply Sophie. She may not be likeable and she may be downright horrid at times but she wants to be Good and that's enough for me.

The only thing I had a slight problem with was the slight lack of depth to Tedros character. I would have loved to seen more to him then being the handsome prince. Does he have hobbies other then sword fighting? What about flaws? He must have one or two.

But this little annoyance is nothing in the scheme of things so don't let that put you off because you're going to love The School for Good and Evil and the ending will leave your mouth gaping open and you as desperate for the sequel as me!
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