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I found Mirage to be similar to Above World: good, but not entirely memorable.

I was pretty lost when I started reading. I couldn't really remember anything from Above World. That being said, it wasn't too hard to get into the story again. The characters are all fairly likable and the setting is interesting. The story itself is fairly predictable, but still good enough that I was pulled in and reading at a quick pace.

I liked most of the new characters, but I think my favorite was Tal. I mean, she's a smart horse with attitude, what's not to love about her? And as far as existing characters go, Hoku is a definite favorite. He's loyal, sweet, and adorable (in that little kid way). I love when he's worrying about looking cool in front of Calli and trying to figure out whether he should hold her hand or not.

Aluna can be a little difficult to like with how stubborn she is, but it's hard not to appreciate her determination and strength. Her final scene was especially fantastic.

The Nutshell: Mirage isn't a groundbreakingly awesome story, but it's still a really enjoyable read. I'll definitely be continuing the series.

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