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I found Storybound to be entertaining, but I didn't particularly enjoy it. I was hoping for a little more from Story's End, but it turned out to be more of the same, sadly.

It took quite a bit for the world of Story and the characters to come back to me, so I was a little lost for a while. And I have to say, when they finally did come back to me, I didn't feel much of a connection. Many of the characters were just too whiny and grumpy to feel a connection with.

The plot wasn't especially exciting either. Even though stuff was happening, I kept waiting for the action thinking "oh, I'm not that far in the book yet, so something'll surely happen soon", but I slowly started to realize I was getting farther in the book yet having the same feeling. The only plot point I was actually intrigued by was Snow's relationship with her mother and how it grew and changed.

I think another problem I had with the story was the villains. It felt more like I was being told the villains were bad and shown a little bit of what they'd previously done, but not actually shown anything worth their reputation. I was told there was a lot of death, but I didn't actually see any of it so it didn't feel real. I mean, I didn't feel sorry for them, but I also didn't hate/fear them. I suppose the right term for those feelings as well as my feelings on the rest of the story is apathetic.

The Nutshell: While Story's End isn't a bad book, it also wasn't one I found particularly enjoyable. It's a pretty good wrap-up for the series, but I felt much of the book was just filler and the characters were difficult to connect with.

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