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review Rump was a cute, quick read.

Rump was an admiral character with his determination to do good and find his purpose in life. I, for one, don't know that I'd be willing to climb a tower (multiple times) to spin gold for someone who isn't even that nice.

I thought the interpretation of the Rumpelstiltskin story was interesting, but a little abrupt at times.The reasoning for the whole first-born-child thing felt simultaneously believable and silly. It happened so quickly and it was a little hard for me to swallow with the young age of both characters involved in the bargain. I'm not quite positive how old Opal was supposed to be, but I pictured her around Rump's age (12) so when she had a baby it felt a little weird to me.

I really enjoyed the adventures Rump found himself on. There was everything from trolls (who actually aren't so bad) to aunt witches to Yonder and Beyond. Oh, and we wouldn't want to forget Nothing, the donkey. He was quite amusing at times.

The other little issue I had with the story was the language. It's supposed to be set in fairytale time -- castles, kingdoms, donkeys and horses and cows, trading markets, etc. So, I was really pulled out of the story when words like "peeved" and "glitch" were used. It just didn't seem authentic.

The Nutshell: Rump is a cute take on a classic fairytale, but not without it's flaws. I enjoyed Rump as a character as well as many of the others, and the adventures he went on, but found some of the language and story elements to be a bit off. If you like variations of Rumpelstiltskin, then you'll likely enjoy Rump, but don't let your expectations skyrocket as I did mine.

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