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The first half of Island of Silence lacked a bit of the magic and mystery The Unwanteds had, but it was also necessary. Artime had to put itself back together after the fight and try to work the Necessaries that joined into the daily Artimean life. I actually really appreciate that McMann didn't immediately introduce some new mystery or problem. While, it wasn't quite as edge-of-your-seat as The Unwanteds, it was nice to have a little normalcy worked in before things got crazy again. Admittedly, I was a little bored for a while, but it's easier to appreciate after you've been thrust into the craziness.

I liked seeing the growth in Alex. He was able to start coming into his own in Island of Silence and I'm really excited to see how he continues to grow in the next book.

I wasn't really impressed by Lani's jealousy of Alex and what he'd been offered. I can understand it to a point, but in the end it didn't really come to anything. It might come into play in the next book, but as for this installment it only served to create an opening for plot movement and make me like her character a little less.

I definitely didn't see that twist coming. Who could? It was abrupt and there wasn't really any time to prepare for it. However, after it happened I was all "Pshaw, you guys are being accepting. There's no way it just ends like that. I see this double-twist coming from a mile away." Yes, well, I was wrong. Mcmann decided to drive the point home within the last couple pages and I about had a breakdown. Part of me still has hope for this particular situation, but most of me is trying to accept it now. (Vague, right? Well I'm too lazy for spoiler tags and it's kind of a huge spoiler so vague it is.)

The Nutshell: The first half was a bit too meandering for my taste, but it was necessary for the story and the second half more than makes up for it anyhow. This is the first time I've been crazy excited for a next-book-in-the-series in a while.

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