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Storybound by Marissa Burt is the perfect book for lovers of middle grade fantasy and adventure. From the first few chapters, the reader will be sucked into the land of Story, just as Una Fairchild is.

Marissa Burt did a great job building the characters in Storybound. There were a lot of characters, but none of them ended up falling flat - each had their own story to add. Una Fairchild, the confused protagonist lost in a strange world and there's Peter who desperately trying to live up to his family name and be a hero. And of course his family with their secrets, and Sam the sarcastic cat. It's even hard not to love Snow, the mean girl from a broken home.

Despite the various point of view changes throughout Storybound - often without warning - it's easy enough to follow along. In fact, the changes in point of view actually make sense and make up a necessary element of Storybound.

The worldbuilding and storytelling in Storybound was done wonderfully. There's so many fantastical elements that make up the land of Story and all the rules that go along with it. Muses, tale keepers, villains, heroes, ladies, etc - each had an important role to play but Marissa Burt was able to build it all up without overwhelming the reader.

Any lover of fairy tales is bound to enjoy Storybound by Marissa Burt. Storybound is engaging and full of mysteries and adventure, as well as beautiful world building and characters that you can't help but love.
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