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(Updated: April 11, 2013)
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The Characters were extremely well developed. I knew which characters I was supposed to hate, and which ones I was supposed to LOVE. The Setting was pretty cool, it kept me going because I love fantasy. The best part is one of the main character’s luck.
Septimus Heap is the apprentice of the ExtraOrdinary Wizard. He is the seventh son of the seventh son(which is magic), and the youngest of the Heaps. He was taken when he was born, pronounced dead, and is still now getting used to a family.
Jenna Heap is the princess. In a kingdom where the throne is passed to the daughter of the family instead of the son, she is only a little older than Septimus. She is the only one of the family that didn't use magic.
Simon Heap is the apprentice of the dark wizard DomDaniel. Simon always wanted to be the Apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard. He was furious when their aunt- a white witch- told them that Septimus had lived, and even more when he learned that Marcia had asked him to be her apprentice. He went to the shipwreck and found DomDaniel’s skeleton(DomDaniel is the dark wizard) he helped DomDaniel, and was given an apprenticeship in return.
The setting is in the medieval times. It was a time where good witches, bad witches, queens, ordinary wizards, and Extraordinary wizards made there home. The castle is surrounded by a high wall, which in turn is surrounded by a moat. The marsh lies outside the moat with waterways running through it, and evil creatures fill the area. The port is like a city. Crowded, noisy, and full of people. There are more buildings, and warehouses, and boats then anyone wants to count.
This book [series] is full of humor, but I think that the funniest, and perhaps most ironic part is Septimus Heap’s luck. He was taken from his home as soon as he was born, and brought to the Young Army. He was forced to go through do-or-die exercises where many boys, including his only friend die(or so he thinks). He was supposed to be on guard duty when Marcia and Jenna find him buried in snow. Close to death. When he wakes he finds himself in the worst position in the Young Army scenarios- he was with wizards, the queenling, and couldn’t do anything about it. For awhile he thinks himself captive, then his luck changes. He finds companionship with Jenna, and a magic ring that only glows for him. The ExtraOrdinary Wizard asks him to be her apprentice. He finds out that the ring means he’s the new dragon boat master. The rock Jenna gave him hatches into a dragon, and most importantly. He gets his family back.
Simon steals Jenna for his master DomDaniel. Septimus and Nicko, one of his brothers are the only ones that think Simon wasn’t just taking her for a ride. They must venture to the mash to find the best tracker they know to find her ‘Wolf Boy.’ Is Wolf Boy someone else. From Septimus’s past? The witch mother who wished to see them is the one who tells that Jenna is in the port. They have to find her. Jenna the resourceful little princess manages to get herself out of Simon’s cave, out of the badlands, and back to the port where she meets back up with Septimus and Nicko. Will they get away from Simon, and when did he learn to fly?! Will Jenna get to the Dragon boat for MidSummers day? What will happen to the boat when it is hurt? And is someone from Jenna’s past lurking around the corner?
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good characters, cool setting, funny, mysterious, fast read,
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